Who we are

We are a team of three with diverse backgrounds in journalism, advocacy and Technology. But at the heart of it all, we are storytellers.  

We have started this podcast platform for issues that we believe should matter to every single one of us. We believe in the impact of individual actions and in the power of being an informed citizenry. With this mission in mind, we came together to start Suno India, a podcast platform.  

The podcasts on Suno India are well researched yet personal. They are aimed at informing as well as challenging you but won’t tell you what to think.

At a time and age when video remains the king, we chose podcast as a medium because we believe in the inherent value of debate and discussion minus the distractions of how the person looks, what he/she is wearing and so on.  We also believe taking a step back, listening to a person speak (without reacting) helps in learning and unlearning our opinions and biases.

For contributors: If you want to start your own podcast on our platform please contact us at hello@sunoindia.in

For organisations: If you would like to partner with Suno India on a topic that you believe should be discussed extensively, write to us on hello@sunoindia.in

Our Team

Padma Priya
Co-Founder/Editorial Lead
DVL Padma Priya is an independent journalist who has written for leading media houses such as The Hindu, The Wire, IndiaSpend. She has also worked as an advocacy and communication specialist for Nobel Peace Prize winning organisation Doctors Without Borders.
Rakesh Kamal
Co-Founder/Production Lead
Rakesh Kamal has developed education and advocacy programmes for Climate Reality, founded by Nobel laureate Al Gore. He writes regularly on clean energy and climate change negotiations in leading mainstream media such as The Mint, Down to Earth, etc.
Tarun Nirwan
Co-Founder/Digital Lead
Tarun Nirwan is an information technology and digital media expert who consults for non-profits and research think-tanks such as UNICEF, George Institute for Global Health and Centre for Policy Research. He has also previously worked with Doctors Without Borders India as Digital Manager.
Kunika Balhotra
Communication Officer
Kunika holds a Masters in Economics from Amity University. She has 2.5 years of experience in the areas of research, development, and public relations. Before joining Suno India she was a senior associate at Innodata.
Vaishali Pandiyen
Vaishali Pandiyen is an alumnus of Asian College of Journalism, where she specialised in audio journalism. She has a bachelors degree in Visual Communication from Women's Christian College, Chennai. Vaishali is keen to explore long-format journalism in socially relevant areas of health, environment, culture and people. This is Vaishali's first job.


Abhay Adhikari
Abhay Adhikari (PhD) is the founder of Digital Identities. He has run Storytelling Labs in 12 countries with participants that range from museum professionals from the Ájette museum in the Article Circle to multinational executives from Coca-Cola and BMW. He has also developed innovation programmes for Google, Nesta and Lloyds Banking Group. Abhay leads the Urban Sustainable Lab, which was named as one of UK’s 50 New Radical Projects by the Observer newspaper. He has written on digital culture for the Guardian and regularly speaks at events such as Shift Happens, Battle of Ideas and FutureEverything. Abhay has a research background in Biofeedback Gaming. In 2009, after completing his PhD he ran mindfulness workshops in Japan.
Ben Holt
Ben specialises in causing trouble and helping organisations adapt to a changing world. He is currently Co-founder of a disruptive innovation business set up by Cancer Research UK, Britain’s largest charity, to unlock radical new ways to address social issues. He is a technology and communications expert, previously leading CRUK’s award-winning Technology Innovation Team. He spent many years in the humanitarian sector, working around the world with Medecins Sans Frontiers/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) leading on digital transformation and disruption, and as a logistician with the Red Cross. He has also worked as a journalist and, while chasing a story in West Africa, founded a start-up social enterprise with Malian artists to give kids in poor communities’ access to art, music and education. He is currently on a Board of Advisors for the Mali Development Group.

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