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Rising internet shutdowns – an attack on our freedom

August, 15 2019

Today marks the 10th day of complete communication shutdown in Jammu and Kashmir. Even as relaxations are being announced in some parts of the State, a vast majority of the population living in the Kashmir valley continue to remain cut off from accessing telecommunication services including landlines, mobiles and internet services. This happens to be the 51st time just in this year that access to the internet which has been declared a basic human right by the United Nations has been suspended in the State. Official Data is hard to come by for shutdowns like this.

The Suno India Show reached out to Apar Gupta, Executive Director for Internet Freedom Foundation to understand more how these shutdowns take place and its impact on people and whether there are any legal and civil challenges ordinary citizens could mount against internet shutdowns.

Additional Reading: We strongly condemn the communications blackout in Jammu and Kashmir and urge an end to internet shutdowns across India

Rising internet shutdowns – an attack on our freedom

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