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NRC in Assam – Families and children live in fear and confusion

October 22, 2019

On August 31, Government of India published the final National Register of Citizens also known as NRC for the state of Assam. This highly controversial register is a part of a Supreme Court-monitored process that catered to the long-standing demand by several organizations for detection of foreigners living in the state.

This episode of the podcast is reported by Anupam Chakravartty, an independent journalist based in Guwahati, Assam with support from Amit Kumar, a Bokakhat based journalist in Assam. They travelled to Bongaigaon district in Lower Assam to hear the plight of a family whose nine-year old girl was declared a foreigner even as her parents are Indian citizens. They also brings to fore the story of Asbahar Ali, who was taken to the detention camp allegedly for assuming an identity of another person.

To discuss NRC in detail and the effect it is having on families and children, the journalists also spoke with Syed Burhanur Rahman, Advocate, Guwahati High Court.

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NRC in Assam – Families and children live in fear and confusion

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