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Dear Pari, India’s first narrative podcast on adoption hosted by parents Rakesh and Priya, will take the listeners through their journey of adopting their daughter while discussing pertinent issues. Parents, adoptees, government officials, anti-trafficking experts on child adoption are part of this series. This series is brought to you by Suno India, a podcast platform for issues that matter. Subscribe on

Do we really know what goes into our food?

The Indian food industry is the third-largest in the world. But the country’s awareness related to food safety is severely lacking.

When you enter a store and pick up a food item, do you wonder if the claims made on the label are true? To find out who regulates India’s food safety and how effective the regulatory mechanisms are, Suno India's Co-founder Tarun Nirwan spoke to Ramesh Bhat.

Bhat is a former scientist working at the Drug Toxicology Research Centre at the National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad. He has worked with the World Health Organization and other United Nations agencies in various aspects of food safety. He has also consulted government organizations from Asian countries on how they can enhance food safety mechanisms. He has co-edited a book called Street Foods on street foods of the world.

Do we really know what goes into our food?

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