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Can ‘one nation, one election’ work for India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been pitching for One Nation One Election multiple times over the years. Recently he mentioned it in his speech during the constitutional day on 26th November this year.

To understand the complexities and the challenges with simultaneous elections, Rakesh Kamal, Producer at Suno India and host for this episode of The Suno India Show talks to Chakshu Roy. Chakshu Roy heads the outreach team and leads the legislator and citizen engagement initiatives at PRS legislative research. He has been involved in setting up the state laws project, training civil society and journalist groups about tracking Parliament.

Additional Reading material that discusses “simultaneous elections" in detail:

PRS Summary of the Report
Niti Aayog’s Analysis of Simultaneous Elections: The “What”, “Why” and “How”: A Discussion Paper (Jan 2017)
Standing Committee Report on the feasibility of holding simultaneous elections (Dec 2015)
Law Commission Report on Electoral Reforms (May 1999)

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Can ‘one nation, one election’ work for India

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