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Jun 22, 2024

Delhi Water Crisis: How can interstate water disputes be resolved?

Owing to the water shortage in Delhi, the state’s Water Minister Atishi began an indefinite fast on June 21 demanding water for the national capital. The Delhi state government said that it has not got its shar...

25 mins

Jun 15, 2024

Why is India barely reporting heat wave deaths?

At least 33 people died in heatwave during the 2024 General Election's last phase in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Odisha. The people who died include polling officials. The average heat related mortality has incre...

24 mins

Jun 08, 2024

Post-election fallout: Will the mainstream media reform?

Since the 2024 General Election results have been declared, questions have been raised about the way mainstream media had represented the Indian voters’ sentiment. We want to highlight the work of a media colle...

22 mins

May 27, 2024

Man who turned blind after taking kala azar medicine regain vision after surgery

In April 2024, that is last month, Suno India published the story featuring Iliyas Marandi, a 23-year-old tribal man who lost his eyesight after taking miltefosine drug for Post-Kala-azar Dermal Leishmaniasis,...

11 mins

May 09, 2024

From Tennis Court to Conservation- A Champion's Journey with Kaushik

In this podcast episode, Suno India's Cofounder Rakesh speaks with Kaushik Shridhar, Founde & CEO, Orka Advisory and author of the book The Art of Winging It: What's the Worst That Could Happen?. He shares his...

25 mins

Apr 20, 2024

Kala-azar elimination - A drug treating kala-azar is affecting patients’ eyesight

This is the last episode in the series on Kala Azar reported by Suno India’s Menaka Rao.  The Indian government has said that it has hit the elimination target for Kala-azar, a parasitic disease that is life-t...

19 mins

Mar 30, 2024

Why have we normalised “encounter' killings?

On March 20, 2024, the Bombay High Court convicted former police officer Pradeep Sharma in a 18-year-old “fake” encounter killing of Ramnarayan Gupta, who was allegedly from Chhota Rajan gang. Gupta was sentenc...

27 mins

Mar 26, 2024

Cutting Through the Pain- A Surgeon’s Insights on Endometriosis

In this episode, Suno India's Padma Priya talks to Dr. Abhishek Mangeshikar, a gynecologist specializing in endometriosis. He explains what endometriosis is and why it is difficult to diagnose. Dr. Mangeshikar...

47 mins

Mar 22, 2024

'In Ayodhya, you can't identify who is Hindu and who is Muslim'

The inauguration of the Ram Mandir marks a significant chapter in India’s  history. The temple's construction replaced the 16th-Century Babri masjid, which was demolished by Hindu mobs in 1992, leading to natio...

27 mins

Mar 18, 2024

Can one nation, one election work for India

The Bharatiya Janata Party government has been pitching for One Nation One Election for years. The High Level Committee on One Nation, One Election submitted a report to President Droupadi Murmu on March 14, 20...

27 mins