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Dear Pari, India’s first narrative podcast on adoption hosted by parents Rakesh and Priya, will take the listeners through their journey of adopting their daughter while discussing pertinent issues. Parents, adoptees, government officials, anti-trafficking experts on child adoption are part of this series. This series is brought to you by Suno India, a podcast platform for issues that matter. Subscribe on

Trailer: Her Story of Dance

The Kalavantulu community women were the guardians of an art that has since been appropriated into what is today seen as mainstream classical dance in South India.

In this podcast series, Yashoda Thakore, a dancer and a member of the Kalavantulu community, will be taking us on a voyage of discovery, of the roots of her art.
Together, the podcast will shine light on the stories of the long line of women who held the tradition, nurtured it, and embellished it with their devotion. There will be twists and turns in this journey. We will encounter issues of caste, regionality, language hegemony, and the attempts to appropriate and even alienate the art from the artistes who originally practiced it.

This podcast series is a collaborative effort of Goethe Zentrum Hyderabad, Bol Hyderabad and Suno India.

Trailer: Her Story of Dance

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