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Jan 31, 2023

Talking Right: How Tablighi Jamaat was stigmatised during the pandemic

In 2020 March, when the sudden lockdown was imposed, one thing that was on every TV channel was the Tablighi Jamaat. No one knew about Tablighi Jamaat and that they were holding a meeting in Nizamuddin till the...

35 mins

Jan 31, 2023

Talking Right: Migrant crisis and how one IAS officer tackled it with effective interstate communications

The Sirens of ambulances and mortuary vans, relatives of patients running around with Oxygen cylinders, and empty roads because of lockdowns. Were some unforgettable scenes from the COVID lockdown in March 2021...

53 mins

Jan 31, 2023

Talking Right: Challenges in Communicating in Rural India

In this episode of Talking Right, Suno India's editor-in-chief DVL Padma reported over the course of the pandemic, we bring to you a conversation with Dr Yogesh Kalkonde, a renowned public health researcher. Dr...

24 mins

Jan 31, 2023

Talking Right: Why is it important to place community first when communicating?

In this episode, Suno India editor-in-chief DVL Padma Priya spoke with Dr Mittali Sethi, an IAS officer from the 2017 batch. When the lockdown was imposed Dr Sethi was posted as the Project Officer for the inte...

53 mins

Jan 31, 2023

Talking Right: How did India fare in communicating during a pandemic?

his episode sets the context about why it is important to communicate well during a pandemic like COVID-19 and features discussions between Suno India editor-in-chief DVL Padma Priya and Prof Anant Bhan, a rese...

36 mins

Sep 07, 2022

Life After Covid - How I started supporting myself

This is the last reported episode in season 2 of Gasping for Breath. In this episode, Suno India’s Menaka Rao has an extended chat with Girish Pasupathy, a software engineer from Coimbatore who is living with L...

25 mins

Aug 31, 2022

Life after Covid - How long covid left my worklife in shambles

In this episode of the Gasping for Breath. In this episode, we discuss how long covid affects your work life. Students suffering from long covid have had to delay giving competitive exams for instance. We spoke...

19 mins

Jul 30, 2022

Life after COVID - Is Long Covid a Disability?

In this episode of Gasping for Breath season 2, we raise a question- Is Long Covid a disability? In 2021, the Americans with Disabilities Act recognised Long Covid as a disability.  In June, a tribunal in the...

38 mins

Jul 11, 2022

Life after COVID - How long covid changes your body

This episode of Gasping for Breath is an attempt to understand Long Covid from the scientific community. We try to understand what is known about Long covid, what are its different manifestations, what are its...

26 mins

Jun 30, 2022

Life after COVID - My doctors did not believe me

In this episode, the survivors of Long Covid discuss their experiences with doctors. Most of them have been gaslighted by the medical fraternity. Medical gaslighting makes patients question their own experience...

33 mins