Empower, Protect, Heal: Arpan’s crusade against Child Sexual Abuse


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Jun 10, 2024

Healing from Trauma of CSA- Namrata Joshi

Overcoming the trauma of child sexual abuse is a long difficult journey. The journey often involves extensive therapy. In this episode of "Empower, Protect, Heal: Arpan's Crusade against Child Sexual Abuse" we...

43 mins

Jun 06, 2024

Parental guide to child safety - Nehal Parekh

The third episode is an interview with Nehal Parekh, our Senior Director of Programmes. She discusses the pivotal role parents play in the battle against Child Sexual Abuse. Nehal advises parents on proactive m...

25 mins

May 06, 2024

Complexities of CSA: Dr. Manjeer Mukherjee

In the second episode of our series -Empower, Protect, Heal: Arpan’s Crusade against Child Sexual Abuse- we talk about the need for awareness. This episode is a conversation with Dr Manjeer Mukherjee, Senior D...

31 mins

Apr 19, 2024

A world free from CSA - Pooja Taparia

During the podcast, Pooja Taparia, the founder and CEO of Arpan, provides a comprehensive overview of her background and the founding story of Arpan. Born and raised in Mumbai, Pooja's journey began 17 years ag...

36 mins