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Episode 3 – Safety Trouble

Last week the country was shocked to hear about the rape and murder of a young veterinary doctor in Hyderabad. The Home Minister of the Telangana blamed the victim for not calling the emergency police helpline 100 and instead choosing to ask for help from her immediate family. This incident has caused much uproar and has brought the question of women’s safety into mainstream debate.

After the rape of Nirbhaya in 2012, a fund for women safety was created by the Government of India to improve women safety. The fund has been used for new initiatives like emergency panic buttons in transport vehicles like autos, CCTV cameras, police apps and other emergency services like a call centre for emergency number 112. These new initiatives while providing a sense of safety do not always work. To discuss about these women safety measures we have Rohini Lakshané from Bachchao project with us for today’s episode of cyber democracy.

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Interdisciplinary Researcher, (Data, Governance and Internet)

Episode 3 – Safety Trouble

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