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How do you go Zero-waste?

The increasing threat of climate change and the contribution of waste to the emissions is something that needs to be taken seriously. And as individuals, by living sustainably each one of us can make an impact. But many of us are often stuck with questions like how do you begin this zero waste journey? where do you start? and will it really make any difference?

To know this and more in this episode host Rakesh Kamal talks to Srini Swaminathan and Shubashree, authors of the books (Im)perfectly Zero Waste: A No-Nonsense Guide to Living Sustainably in India and The Everyday Eco-Warrior: 110 Easy Tips for a Zero-Waste Life. Both these books are really interesting in understanding what Zero waste means in an Indian context and give really good examples of how to cut down your waste.

You can buy their physical copies of the book in a local book store near you or on Amazon. You can also buy it on Kindle and help save some emissions.

How do you go Zero-waste?

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