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Jun 07, 2024


Former journalist, current writer and perennial Mumbai Girl Janhavi Samant takes us on a walking tour of the Dadar neighbourhood she’s called home her entire life. Our thanks to Janhavi Samant and Saad Janhavi...

14 mins

May 23, 2024

The Writer

A writer shares how she lives.  This episode is a part of our Literary City of Women Series. Thanks to Anandi M, the writer.  This episode was written, narrated and produced by Radhika Viswanathan. Menaka Ram...

19 mins

Apr 09, 2024

Ladies Special

What goes into naming a train? The Indian Railways has dozens of trains named after women - good women, strong women, virtuous women and brave women. We go through the list, wonder about the women who travel by...

8 mins

Feb 08, 2024

Social Susheela

Ikyatha Yerasala is a journalist and content creator who has been documenting Kannada and Kanglish slang for the past five years. Her Instagram page Slangaluru is a vibrant space where old slang words are remem...

8 mins

Nov 17, 2023

Personal Best

Menaka always wanted to be one of the cool, sporty girls in her school. As a child she’d play for hours on the street, but as she got older she found herself retreating indoors, a place she was told was ‘safer’...

27 mins

Oct 10, 2023


 Sometimes we all want to escape for a little bit: from our homes, our lives, and even our selves. On a solo trip to Jaipur, a woman tries on a new skin and tells the story of what happened.   This episode was...

15 mins

Sep 04, 2023

School of Love

Love is a many splendored thing. And so are booty calls. One intrepid woman shares her journey from not wanting a boyfriend, to falling in love to getting on dating apps in search of love. And while she doesn’t...

22 mins

Aug 17, 2023

Aanchal Malhotra

Welcome back to a new season of City of Women. As India celebrates her 77th Independence Day this month, we thought it only fitting to begin this season with an interview with oral historian and author Aanchal...

16 mins

Nov 11, 2022


Salma is a Tamil author, poet, politician and activist. Her novel மனாமியங்கள் published in 2017 was translated to English by Meena Kandasamy and published as Women, Dreaming. The book takes you into the inner...

14 mins

Oct 27, 2022


Where do you find those moments of sweet solitude? Adrija shares some of hers.  Thanks to Adrija for sharing her story with us! Thank you to Adrijia recording this conversation.  This episode was edited an...

3 mins