Beyond Charminar

Our new podcast – Beyond Charminar – explores the cultural heritage of Hyderabad. Narrated by Yunus Lasania, aka “That Hyderabadi Boy”, the series brings incredible stories from the city's 428 year history. Remember the first time you saw Golconda Fort? When you were awestruck by its labyrinthine passages and imposing ramparts. Every episode will recreate similar moments from some of the well-known to little-known places in the city. We also ask some important questions- why is Hyderabad's rich history often ignored in textbooks? Why is there apathy and little interest in protecting the structures and culture around it? What does heritage truly mean?

Meet the Pucca Hyderabadi

Meet the Pucca Hyderabadi

Hyderabad’s heritage & history when told by journalist Yunus Lasania sounds so intriguing in the weekly history walks that he…

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