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Why the state wants to depoliticise caste in the Hathras case?

In September 2020, four Thakur men allegedly raped and killed a 19-year old woman in Hathras district of Uttar Pradesh. Her family members alleged that the police cremated her without their consent.

This week in The Suno India Show, we speak with Gujarat-based lawyer and civil rights activist Manjula Pradeep who works closely with the marginalised communities for nearly three decades. She is the former Executive Director of Navsarjan Trust that works on Dalit rights. The organisation played an important role in Dalit uprising across Gujarat in 2016 after four Dalit tanners from Una district were stripped and assualted by cow vigilantes. She is now with WAYVE foundation that focuses on the marginalised youth in India. She is also the director of campaigns at Dalit Human Rights Defenders Network which is a coalition of more than 1000 Dalit-rights organisations from different states of India.

In this episode, we try to understand why the caste identity of the victim also matters in the understanding of the Hathras rape and murder case.
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Why the state wants to depoliticise caste in the Hathras case?

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