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Why is gender perspective crucial in COVID-19 reporting?

In March 2020, the newspapers were full of stories on COVID-19 cases and the imposition of the world’s strictest lockdown. There were images and stories about migrant labourers walking home, getting stuck in quarantine facilities, among others.

But where did women and other marginalised genders stand in these stories?

In this episode, Suno India’s Research and Communications Officer, Kunika Balhotra interviewed veteran journalist, Sameera Khan and scholar, Sweta Singh assistant professor at the University School of Mass Communication who decided to find out if women, and other marginalised genders were even featured in these stories.

Recently, they released a study titled, “Locating Gender Perspectives in COVID-19 Reportage in India: An Analysis of Print Media” conducted between March 2020 to September 2020. This research study has been produced by Population First, UNFPA and the Network of Women in Media India.

Why is gender perspective crucial in COVID-19 reporting?

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