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One Year of The Suno India Show – An appeal to reject hate

Dear listeners, on this day last year, we started The Suno India Show. The idea behind the show was to try and make sense of the overload of information that we are buried under each day. We wanted to move away from the culture of breaking news and bring to you, our listeners, nuanced conversations about issues facing us in today’s day and age.

The Suno India Show takes news slowly and asks pertinent questions on what’s really going on in the world – whether in politics, climate, health, gender, culture and technology and also asks but what’s driving it.

Our first episode started with the furore surrounding a Supreme Court directive ordering for the eviction of tribals and forest-dwelling people across 16 states, after the Union government failed to defend the Forest Rights Act, a law made to protect the rights of these people. Since then we have brought out 70 episodes with wide ranging discussions on many important topics such as voter deletions, state of healthcare, education, sexual harassment at workplace, Kashmir and ongoing CAA-NRC-NPR. Guests in these episodes ranged from leading journalists to political party spokespeople to social justice activists and technology experts. Across these 70 episodes, we have tracked India’s attempts to revamp its education system even as it continues the world’s longest internet shutdown in Kashmir.

With over 50,000 listeners, this podcast in its second year will continue to bring meaningful stories. Starting next month, this podcast will also feature mini-series which will bring to you more in-depth reported stories on varied issues from across India. These stories will be brought to you by independent journalists with a stellar record.

Thank you, dear listeners, for your overwhelming response to this show and for encouraging Suno India’s small but mighty team. As a journalist, I believe our job lies in recording the ups and downs of this beautiful nation. We believe this show along with our other shows give you a glimpse into how the nation’s policies and politics are evolving.

All these shows are rooted in Suno India’s ethos that stories that matter need to be told and they need to be heard whichever side of the political spectrum you are in.

In an increasingly polarized world where hate is being given priority over social justice, development and tackling real-world problems, I hope you our listeners, will take stock of the world around you & reject hate. Let us ask ourselves what is more important- the constant battle over which god came first or which emperor destroyed what first or is it important that we ask why our leaders are consistently failing our poor our children and the women of this country? Do we spend time raging over mythology or do we live in the present and hold our public servants accountable for their constant dereliction of duty. We also hope you will start holding most of the mainstream media more accountable for their actions; for their failure to uphold journalistic principles and for becoming purveyors of hate. Most importantly, it is your our listeners who can help platforms like us remain independent and enable us to bring you stories without relying on those who set agendas. If you have been with us through this year or have only discovered us, do consider supporting our work by contributing generously.

One Year of The Suno India Show – An appeal to reject hate

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