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#HijabBan: What’s being missed in the debate on Karnataka schools?

In the second episode of the series on the hijab issue in Karnataka’s schools, we talk about how it adversely affects education. As per the recent surveys, there has been an uptick in the number of Muslim girls and women seeking education in schools and colleges across the country. But Muslim girls still have to face prejudice of being conservative, of not being interested in education, among others.

In this episode, Suno India’s Menaka Rao spoke to Dr Saba Hussain, assistant professor in Education and Social Justice, at the University of Birmingham in the UK. She conducted research on school going Muslim girls in Assam. A book on this research was published in 2019 called Contemporary Muslim Girlhoods in India: A Study of Social Justice, Identity and Agency in Assam


Social, Economic and Educational Status of the Muslim Community of India
Petitioners in hijab row seek postponement of practical exam – The Hindu
Steady uptick in Muslim girls going to schools, colleges.
Dr Saba Hussain – School of Education – University of Birmingham

#HijabBan: What’s being missed in the debate on Karnataka schools?

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