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Can one nation one ration card help migrant workers?

The new ‘One Nation, One Ration Card’(ONORC) scheme comes with the promise of making access to food relief easier across the country. The scheme will allow for inter and intra state portability in accessing the public distribution system starting from July 31. With a limited number of electronic point of sale machines and the error ridden Aadhar based biometric authentication system how effective will the ONORC scheme be?

To know more about the One Nation One Ration Card Scheme and the concerns surrounding it, Kunika Balhotra, Suno India’ Research and Communications Officer reached out to Reetika Khera.

Reetika is an Indian Development Economist and is currently working as an Associate Professor of Economics at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. She writes extensively on topics such as NREGA, the Public Distribution System (PDS) and programs which affect vulnerable sections of the Indian population.

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Can one nation one ration card help migrant workers?

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