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Afghanistan: Refugees in India stuck in time with no jobs or education

Desperate scenes of Afghans trying to flee the Taliban takeover of their homeland have shocked the world. But refugees have been trickling into India even during the past twenty years. They say they are free in India in a way that they never could be back home. However, Afghan refugees have been protesting outside the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees office in Delhi for several days, demanding better opportunities.

On this episode of The Suno India Show, our reporter Suryatapa Mukherjee spoke to refugees living in Delhi, Jamshed, Zahra Mohammadi and Valy Ahadi. They have all fled to India from the Taliban’s violence over the last decade. As they worry for terrified relatives back home, they feel grateful to have made it to India. But they say being a refugee here is like being stuck in time, unable to move forward. It is a struggle simply to sustain themselves.

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Afghanistan: Refugees in India stuck in time with no jobs or education

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