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We are a team of three with diverse backgrounds and experiences ranging from journalism to digital marketing to climate policy.  But at the heart of it all, we are storytellers. 

We have started this podcast platform for issues that we believe should matter to every single one of us. We believe in the impact of individual actions and in the power of being an informed citizenry. With this mission in mind, we came together to start Suno India. The podcasts on Suno India are well researched yet personal. They are aimed at informing as well as challenging you but won’t tell you what to think. 

Our launch series is ‘Dear Pari’, India’s first narrative podcast on child adoption in India and is hosted by two of us who are parents. We chose a topic that is personal for us to begin with to unpack adoption and all its myths and stereotypes while giving a glimpse into our own adoption journey so far. 

So far, this has been a completely self-funded initiative with 100% independence. Our work includes hours of research, finding the right experts and many more hours of production to bring to you high-quality original content.  

We hope, in coming weeks and months, to grow into a multi-lingual podcast platform creating awareness about issues that should matter such as environment, agriculture and so on. We want to do this in an engaging manner and by roping in more experts and also taking this on-the-road and offline! If you would like to support us, for original and well-researched audio stories, please contribute and support Suno India.

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