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Cook, cat lady, and always reading—this is how all her bios begin. Ameya has four degrees (because she likes to study yaar, and, no, she’s not telling what where when how), but still can’t make her mind about her career. She wrote a briefly popular blog about dating in Delhi; she set up the Indian Express podcast network; she used to commission books for Penguin India.
Ameya likes people, food, karaoke and long and rambly conversations about big things and little things. She speaks Spanish fluently and likes nothing more than to throw herself into learning a new language. Talking is her superpower, (along with cuddles—you will be hugged unless you indicate a preference not to be) so it surprises exactly nobody that she’s making a podcast.
You can find her @ameyann on all social networks, though if you’re going to add her on Facebook please explain why.

Podcast SeriesFat. So?

Strategic Communications Professional/Podcaster

Avantika Shrivastava is a Senior Communications Officer at Accountability Initiative (AI). She has worked as a strategic communication professional with Oxfam and Doctors Without Borders in Delhi. Before making a transition to the development sector, she was a journalist at news agency Press Trust of India. Avantika holds an MSc in International Development from the University of Edinburgh where she was a Global Development Academy Masters Scholar, a PG Diploma from the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, and BA in Journalism from the University of Delhi. She has also been a Global Thinkers Forum mentee.

Podcast Series1 in 20000


Ayesha Minhaz is an independent journalist based in Hyderabad. She reports from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana on human rights, agrarian crisis, environment and development. Ayesha is an alumnus of SOAS, University of London and a Chevening Scholar. She has reported for The New Indian Express and Deccan Chronicle in the past.
Ayesha can be found on both Twitter and Instagram as @ayesha_minhaz

Podcast Seriesసమాచారం సమీక్ష

Journalist/Teacher (Telugu)/Podcaster

She is a Social Studies and Telugu teacher in Hyderabad. She is working towards making Social Studies, a fun and engaging subject through storytelling.

Podcast Series: Eshwari Stories for kids in Telugu

Former Central Information Commissioner

Madabhushi Sridhar Acharyulu is an Indian academic and Information Commissioner. He was a Professor at Nalsar University of Law in Hyderabad. He’s an alumni of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication at Osmania University.

Podcast Series: Sridhar Sambhashanalu


Mahtab Alam is a Delhi based multilingual journalist and writer. He covers issues related to Politics, Law, Media, Literature and Human Rights. Mahtab is former executive editor of The Wire Urdu and currently writes for The Wire (in English, Urdu and Hindi) apart from BBC Urdu, The Independent Urdu, Down To Earth and Samkaleen Janmat. He can be followed on both

Twitter and Instagram as @MahtabNama

Podcast Series: Election Nama


Naveen founded Curry Podcasts, a content production company for regional languages. His first podcast show an Indian history show, “Varalaru”, was launched in August 2018 and received good reception for the engaging storytelling experience that it offered for the Tamil podcast listeners.

Podcast Series: Thaeruthal


Fat, female, forty; divorced, non-parent, explorer of the self; business/executive/lifevision coach: these are just some parts of Pallavi’s fierce and fantastic current lived experience. She’s fresh out of a 17-year corporate career in HR in regional, APAC and global leadership roles with both multinational and Indian organisations. She studied Economics at Lady Shri Ram College and got an MBA from IIM, Indore.
Her life is about becoming more authentic, truer to who she is at her core, which led her down this path of fat liberation, among other things! She’s excited to share her crazy ride through the Fat. So? podcast and other media. You can find her @pallavi108 (IG), and @pallavinath1979 (Twitter).

Podcast Series: Fat. So?


Ramya is a writer, who is also known as the adorable Raa Raa, as the voice behind “Raa Raa Story Time", a podcast for stories for children.

She is a banker turned writer who found her true calling in creative writing and voice overs. She runs her bilingual podcast called Raa Raa Story Time. Narrated in English and Tamil, her imagination and innovative skills come to the fore to create the most interesting, informative and wonderful stories for children. And also have published “Raa Raa Story Time” book (Volume 1) and two Tamil books.

Podcast Series: Raa Raa Story Time

Srinivas Kodali
Journalist and Writer

Srinivas Kodali is a interdisciplinary researcher working on data, governance and internet. A avid supporter of digital rights, he is part of internet movements and communities advocating for open knowledge, privacy, cyber security, data standards and algorithmic accountability

Podcast Series: Cyber Democracy

Journalist and Writer

Yunus Lasania is a journalist and writer who explores and documents untold stories of Hyderabad. He can be found on Instagram as @thathyderabadihistoryproject

Podcast Series: Beyond Charminar