To participate in our meme making contest submit your meme under the theme "Every Vote Matters because…./हर वोट जरुरी होता हे क्यूंकि..." Please fill the below form to submit your entry.

Guidelines for memes

  1. The submissions should be in English or Hindi.
  2. Submissions should avoid profanity or unparliamentary language and should be apolitical.
  3. Make sure the memes you upload are original in nature.
  4. The submissions will be made visible to everyone after an administrator’s moderation.
  5. Users can vote for their favourite creations on our Facebook/Twitter or Instagram page.
  6. One person can submit a maximum of two entries.
  7. Be thoughtful about the entries you create. Make sure they are funny and smart.
  8. The winner will be decided basis public voting and evaluation through internal judge’s review.
  9. We have the right to reject submissions for violations of, but not limited to, inappropriate content, defamation, or copyright issues.