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Ep 7: Bolo Didi – By the community & for the community of TB survivors

In this special episode, Suno India editor, Padma Priya, brings an interview with Nandita Venkatesan, one of the founders of Bolo Didi.
Bolo Didi led by TB survivors and patient activists Nandita Venkatesan and Rhea Lobo is a sisterhood of women TB survivors who use social media, WhatsApp and telephone calls to connect with and mentor people affected by TB in India.

The first-hand TB experiences of its didis (sisters) inform the support they offer and help people to receive an accurate diagnosis. From advising patients on right diagnosis test to informally counselling them to cope with side effects, this sisterhood of “didis" has so far helped numerous patients across the country.

More information on Bolo Didi is available at
Menaka Rao
Senior Health Journalist

Ep 7: Bolo Didi – By the community & for the community of TB survivors

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