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Disha Ravi on youth climate activism, dissent and role of the global south

Almost every year since 1995, politicians and representatives from all over the world have been meeting in the UNFCCC Conference of the Parties (COP) to discuss ways to reduce CO2 emissions which cause climate change. Scientists have been producing reports in a collaborative manner and all say the same “Climate change is happening” and over years only say that it is worsening. All the countries came to an agreement in the 21st year of meetings in COP 21 called the “Paris agreement”. The sense of urgency with which climate change has to be addressed seems limited to words and not actions.

Since climate change affects all the countries in the world and the vulnerable the most and climate change is so interdisciplinary, there has always been some pressure from civil society. But for the last few years youth from across the world has played a very important role in bringing this issue forward. In this episode of Climate emergency, Rakesh Kamal talks to climate change activist Disha Ravi on youth climate activism, dissent and the role of the global south.

This episode also features a poem by feminist & activist Kamla Bhasin who passed away recently.

Disha Ravi on youth climate activism, dissent and role of the global south

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