Beyond Nation and State

The podcast ‘Beyond Nation and State’ is about international affairs from a South Asia perspective. As the title indicates, we will not only talk about nations and states, but go beyond. Discussions about international affairs tend to be mostly about rivalries between nations, border disputes and war.

This podcast is interested in all of that, but will particularly emphasise the role of people, business corporations, movements and resistance, international organizations and institutions. It will also feature discussions on identity, literature and culture. Suno India's Beyond Nation and State is an attempt to broaden the meanings of internationalism and globalism as we know it.

Show Host: Urvashi Sarkar

Season 1

A Woman Walks Kabul

A Woman Walks Kabul

Despite the presence of and intervention from foreign forces, the people of Afghanistan have always sought peace, which continues to evade them. In attempting to make sense of events in…

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