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Understanding Golconda fort and the origins of Hyderabad

The Golconda fort is one of Hyderabad’s major tourist attractions, but many don’t know that the ticketed area they go to is just one part of the fort – the royal area.

And beyond that, there’s a massive 6.5 km area of the fort which lies completely unexplored. The fact that the Golconda fort has (or at least had) 87 bastions and eight gates, is massively underrated.

Moreover, years of neglect have led to many historical parts of the fort either getting encroached upon as well. Host Yunus Lasania speaks with his former colleague and fellow journalist Serish Nanisetti about the history of the Golconda fort, and how years of neglect by authorities led to the destruction of many important sites within it.

Understanding Golconda fort and the origins of Hyderabad

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