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Dear Pari, India’s first narrative podcast on adoption hosted by parents Rakesh and Priya, will take the listeners through their journey of adopting their daughter while discussing pertinent issues. Parents, adoptees, government officials, anti-trafficking experts on child adoption are part of this series. This series is brought to you by Suno India, a podcast platform for issues that matter. Subscribe on

Learning the hard way

Education is the foundation on which a person can build their life. But for rare individuals, being able to go to school or college is not a guarantee.

Often people with rare diseases have to give up on the dream of education because of challenges that able bodied people cannot even think of. In this episode, a 45-year-old woman from Chennai – Sujatha – offers insight on how she was forced to power through discrimination and a chronic illness to realise her dreams. She has Pseudoachondroplasia, an extremely rare form of dwarfism. She is also an MPhil.

*Sujata passed away couple of months after the interview.

This season has been made possible from a grant by the Thakur Family Foundation.

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Learning the hard way

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