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Breaking Free from the emotional costs of a rare disease

Over the years, the importance of taking care of one’s mental health has gained more acceptance. In 2020, with the breakdown of more traditional and physical forms of communication, social isolation reared its ugly head. While the pandemic has thrown up serious uncertainties, it has also led to greater recognition of valuing each moment that life has to offer. Gratitude is an emotional coping tool that rare individuals employ most of the time.

In this episode, Arouba Kabir, a practising therapist at Enso Wellness and a rare individual who has Cystic Fibrosis, discusses her life journey, and how she has seen rare individuals coping against massive odds. This episode thus delves into the hidden emotional costs of being rare.

Zoyeb Zia’s blog can be found here.

This season has been made possible from a grant by the Thakur Family Foundation.

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Breaking Free from the emotional costs of a rare disease

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